How much do

we charge?

By the hour – We charge an hourly rate of £30 for PA and EA services, tracking time, rounded up  to the nearest 15 minutes and send you a time report with your invoice so you can see a full breakdown. Remember if what you do earns you more per hour, then outsourcing to us means you don’t have to do the jobs you don’t want AND you’re still making money!


By the project – sometimes it’s easier to set a fixed price for a particular task or project and whether we go with an hourly rate or a set price is something we usually decide together.

Event rates - are agreed upon after discussing the scope of the work, whether we are needed on site, if there’s pre and post-event admin work, if it’s an ongoing or one-off event and other factors such as your budget etc.

Retainer – depending on the task, it can often be simpler to just pay for a set amount of hours a month. We keep track of our time and let you know if you’re nearing your limit so you don’t have to worry about spiralling costs. If you have a quiet month it may be possible to roll over your hours, but this has to be agreed in advance and is not standard.

HR Services – As with a retainer depending on the task, it can often be simpler to just pay for a set amount of hours a month and prices start at £45 per hour as the tasks you need support with are often highly skilled and require specialist professional support.