Helping individuals and businesses achieve over and beyond what they thought was possible is what excites me and what inspired me to build Paper Daisy.

Starting my career as an office manager nearly 20 years ago, I have built up a wealth of amazing experiences managing people, projects and events across a wide range of industries.

Being part of a team in large multinationals, and managing everything bar the selling in small local firms, I have developed a versatile and capable approach to almost any task that has presented itself.

I have provided PA and EA support to Executive Vice Presidents and Business Owners all of whom have priorities and deadlines which are important to them and their business goals.


My people skills and ability to create trusting business relationships has enabled me to build a network  of business professionals which means I am able to call on specialist Employment Law, Social Media, Marketing and HR Strategy advice in order to provide a complete service to the ever changing needs of small yet growing businesses.

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